Terms of Image Submission

Please note the following:

By submitting your work to the Cleveland Photo Fest (hereafter known as the CPF), you hereby grant the CPF the following rights and permissions:

1. It is understood that Copyright of the photograph remains with the photographer.
2. The photographer grants the CPF the right to print and distribute your image as a function of the 1,000,000 Photographs (hereafter know as 1 MIL).
3. Submitted images will be used in larger print collages, may be individually printed for use in fashion or sculptural constructions, and may be included in CPF sponsored NFT’s.
4. The photographer will submit their work entry-fee free.
5. No payment will be made to the photographer for the use of their images in any form by the CPF. This would include, but not be limited to, photographic collages which may be sold or otherwise distributed, individual prints made for exhibition, design or sculptural images produced from the submitted photograph.
6. No Nudity will be accepted or displayed in the 1 MIL Project.
7. I affirm that the work submitted under my name is my work and I give permission to the CPF for its inclusion in 1,000,000 Photos