How does this effort promote unity?

Unity means inclusion. Our exhibition will draw photographs from worldwide sources that will form the basis of a collection of international people and places.

Where will the exhibition be held?

2729 Prospect Ave E.
Cleveland Ohio 44115

What is exact date?

December 2022

What are some of the organizations supporting this effort?

We will partner with local educational organizations such as the Cleveland Institute of Art (a college) and the Cleveland School of the Arts, a metropolitan district magnate high school for artistically oriented school children.

We are supported by over 75 national and international photography organizations who will help in the promotion of this worldwide project.

Will you publish any material from the show?

Budget provided, we will publish on line and in print.

Our website will carry an overview selection of images from the layout and design of the exhibition, as well as a small selection of the images submitted.

What happens to the digital files I submit? Copyright?

In our pro-forma, we request the one-time reproduction rights to any and all submitted images for the display and promotion of the exhibition. Selected files will be maintained for future publicity and promotion by the Cleveland Photo Fest. The remaining files will be deleted.

Copyright of your image remains with the photographer.

After the exhibition, what happens to the prints made from the images I submit?

We intend to print approximately 500 sheets of 20 x 24 paper, each containing 2,000 digitally reproduced images. These sheets will be displayed in the gallery as the foundation of the exhibition. Once the exhibition is concluded, the sheets may be sold as souvenirs to collectors or patrons, given to major donors, sent to museums around the world, reprocessed by art school students into sculptures of various nature, utilized in a fashion exhibition presented by the sponsors of the Cleveland Fashion Week, or donated to other sources.

How do I know this is the largest show ever?

We have discussed our exhibition with the Guinness Book of World Records. Guinness informed us that the current world record for the largest photography exhibition is approximately 148,000 photographs. They define photographs as an individual print. In this day and age of the digital image, it is unrealistic for us to ask for, or to reproduce ourselves, prints from digital files. We will report our final count to Guinness, but we will not be certified as record holders because we will not use the same logistical methodology as was done previously.

Is the exhibition open only to professional photographers or can anyone submit pictures?

If you have a camera, iPad, tablet, Android or an iPhone, you can submit. We will accept any image from any image making process.

How long will you keep the photos on file?

We will keep the images on file for about a year or so. We never know when or where images from the exhibition can be used to promote future Cleveland Photo Fest activities.

Do I need releases for people in my photos?

That’s a real good question. IF you submit an image of a person, place or thing, the responsibility of securing permission rests solely with you, the submitter.

The Cleveland Photographic Workshop and Cleveland Photo Fest assume no liability for images submitted without the proper permission.

Are there any restrictions as to the content of my image?

YES! Absolutely no nudity will be accepted in this exhibition. ALL submissions will be reviewed before printing. Any image deemed unsuitable will be deleted from the 1MIL exhibition.

Will there be a charge for folks to view?

No!  Our doors are open to anyone and everyone free of charge.

How do I support this incredible exhibition?

The Cleveland Photographic Workshop, sponsor of the Cleveland Photo Fest’s 1MIL Exhibition is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation.

PLEASE help us with your tax-deductible contribution.

Contribute HERE:



How many photos and how many times can I submit photos?

The short answer is: As often as you’d like, as many as you’d like.

We need all the help we can get to achieve our goal of 1MIL photos.

What format at what resolution can I submit?

Only .jpg and .jpeg will be accepted. Due to storage requirements of high resolution images, only 1,000 pixels max by 1,000 pixels max (respecting aspect ratio) is preferred.  Any resolution as long as the file size is 10MB or less.

Can I submit a large number of images?

You may submit as many as you’d like. Submit by way of the website a maximum of 100 images at a time until you have them all uploaded. If you have a huge number where this would be tedious, you may send the images on a USB stick to:

Cleveland Photo Fest
Box 22844
Beachwood, Ohio  44122

Should my submissions be color or black and white?

Either/Or. Whichever you’d like. Or both!

Must my images be candid or may they be photoshopped?

Images may be handled in whatever manner suits your vision.

Can I submit a photo directly from my phone’s camera?

Absolutely. The website upload field will accept a camera shot or up to 100 files at a time.